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Science is a Bee's Best Friend

The first insects ever added to the Endangered Species List were bees: this is not an accident, and it does not have to be the future.
Local beekeepers are organizing as "DC Honey Bees for Science" in order to participate in the upcoming Scientists' March on Washington on Earth Day 2017, April 22.
Our group wishes to focus attention on the importance of native and managed pollinators to the environment and the economy, and the critical role scientists play in understanding and overcoming the survival challenges these creatures face.
Please watch this site for schedule, location, volunteering, and participation information and sign ups.

Honey bees and native pollinators live at the crux of environment-altering chemicals, invasive species, climate change, habitat loss, and extinction of native species. We can't preserve species and keep our bees alive without scientific research and advice.
Consider marching with us, but more importantly communicate to your representatives that you support public scientific research and the sharing of its findings.

We are also sharing information at